Indonesian Batik Udan Liris 1971

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For Sale Indonesian Batik

Pattern   :   Udan Liris

Product Year   :  1971

Batik Creator  : Kasan Dikromo

Dimension   :  239 x 102

Placed      :   Indonesian


For Sale Classical Indonesian Batik Pattern Udan Liris

Batik motif udan liris is also interpreted drizzling rain or spatter rain, is a symbol of fertility, welfare, and mercy from God. To add to the beauty of this motif is usually among the lines are decorated with fire motifs, which means supernatural and ambition. Half kawung motifs describe something useful. The motif of the banji sawat, symbolizes happiness and fertility. Motif mlinjon, symbolizes one element of life. Tritis motif, symbolizes the persistence of the heart. The motive exists, symbolizes the mighty. The motif for the vultures, symbolizes the continuity.


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Indonesian Batik

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 239 × 102 cm


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