Indonesian Batik Tulis in The Javanese Way of Life

Indonesian Batik Tulis is cultural herritage from Indonesia, especially in the Jawa Island. When we imagine about clothes, then batik is one form of clothing that exist in human history, ever since then. There is so many website that talk and explain what is batik tulis, and what is the pattern of Indonesian Batik.

But now, we just want to talk about batik in the Javanese Way of Life. Because batik indonesia has able to change status and position of someone just only from batik motive or pattern only. So, batik motif has its own meaning for the wearer. It isn’t just usual cloth, there is a lot of meaning in every batik motive.

Some example, batik tulis that use “parang motive” have meaning that who use it as cloth will be have wise and brave character. Maybe it’s just a myth, but with that myth a batik can teach a person to learn to be more wise and humble.

Like the Javanese ancestors who have used the batik motif. Usually, each of batik motif have different storytelling, different philosophy in life. Unlike the modern dress that just only for fashion and trend. Batik have a story how to be patience in life, have a good life, how to journey in life.

The most Javanese people are kind, they believe that if we give something good, it will return to us as good as we give, and that happens otherwise. But now, beside the modern life, being Javanese people are so hard. A lot of their native culture are gone, and how’s life changed too.

But as human being, the people in Javanese just try to keep humble, to keep their good life with batik. Because they believe that life just once and didn’t last forever. Same as batik motif that describe how humble to be and how to be good human being.

Just like Japanese traditional cloth, kimono. Batik also have unique side and classic theme to our life. The colour of nature painted in fabric cloth. It is up to you to make that fabric fashionable with your style. There is so many dress and cloth design that use batik as their basic material.

Life has many ways to tell the story, and batik just only one of that.

Keep grateful for everything you get.

Thank you for reading.

Warm Regards, Indonesian Batik


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