Indonesian Batik for The Cloth of Wayang Kulit

Haloo, you all Indonesian Batik lovers. How’s your Sunday night? Where to go? Sorry yesterday admin feels not good, so the article was subject to pending. Now that it is late, the day is so fast as the ex-passers. Even though it is Monday, the heart must stay the night of the week. Okay we go to the direct discussion only. Today we will discuss the use of batik cloth on Wayang Purwa or wayang kulit.

Wayang Kulit also has become one of the world cultural heritage that has been recognized by UNESCO before batik. The relationship with batik is also very close, because the use of batik on the character or character of wayang kulit purwa has different motifs. As we discussed earlier yesterday about Werkudara clothing that is Bang Bintulu Police Cloth. From wayang kulit we can conclude that batik has existed since wayang made and introduced to the people of Indonesia.

In shadow puppets many found a variety of clothing puppet character that has a particular character, and if the clothing modified from the characters who wear, it will also change the nature and character. In general, attributes will always exist in the puppets, so that each wayang characters have different attributes and become the characteristic of each character.

Wayang fashion shirt purwa Surakarta style according to the source, consists of various headgear, various types of sumping, various forms of necklaces, various forms of uncal, badong, praba, various forms of belts, various forms of sampir or sampur. Putman leather puppet fashion in leather puppets purwa not much variation. At the style of Surakarta the tip of the fabric protrudes backwards, as if the wayang is walking and does not wear ankle bracelet.

Dodot shape consists of, dodot putren with shoes, dodot putren with lungsen, dodot putren with a necklace belt, dodot putren with a blanket. The shape of the underwear of male wayang figures shows the position of wayang figures, such as kings, knights, priests or punggawa. The shape of a king’s dress will appear more luxurious than a knight or retainer, a clothing and gods usually a long-sleeved robe coupled with kethu or sorban as a headgear.

The clothes worn by wayang characters vary and all have their own philosophy and character. Maybe next time we can explain about the philosophy of puppet clothes at a later time. For a while we focus on batik Indonesia to batik also a special souvenir that can be obtained from Indonesia.


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