The Batik Cloth of Indonesia Poleng Bang Bintulu, The Great Cloth of Werkudara

Wayang Kulit and Batik Indonesia is a fusion that can not be separated as world cultural heritage. These two cultural customs are complementary and mutually supportive, especially in terms of Javanese customary cultural philosophy. The various wayang stories told must have a purpose and its own purpose. Wayang kulit is a joint that was first recognized by the world as a cultural heritage. In the wayang kulit characters some characters wear different batik. Arjuna is known as a batik cloth wearer Limar Ketanggi, Yudistira with Limar Jobin, Krishna with Parang Modang, Werkudara with Poleng Bang Bintulu, Suyudana with Parang Barong, and so on.

Today we will discuss batik cloth worn by Indonesian superhero that is father from Gatotkaca and member of Pandawa Lima, that is Werkudara or sometimes can be called Bimasena. Werkudara who is the protector of his four siblings have batik clothes with poleng motif which basically consists of only two colors, namely black and white. Which has the philosophy that the Werkudara has a solid nature, the wrong is wrong and the right is true.

It is the cloth that triggers Werkudara or Bimasena to run dharma, combats evil and upholds the truth and especially protects its people. The nature that triggers Werkudara to seek Banyu Suci Perwitasari to the ocean and meet with Dewaruci who explain it about Banyu Suci Perwitasari. After the Bimasena understood the meaning of the Banyu Suci Perwitasari, the dodot poleng cloth that was only 2 colors, namely: black and white, then he may wear dodot polengnya consisting of 5 (five) colors, often called Bang Bintulu Aji fabric, which, consists of colors: red, black, yellow, and white.

About The Meaning of Poleng

The four colors mentioned have their own meaning and philosophy. That four colors of poleng is a symbol of sedulur papat [four siblings]. That when man is born into the world, God has accompanied him, even preparing 4 brothers that we can ask for help without we have to pay. Namely: earth, fire, wind, and water.


The earth has a strong and generous nature, the earth gives us whatever grows on the earth. Even for all living things living on it without exception. The earth is also where we realize that we should not boast about ourselves because we are under a high sky. For that we should still humble but not humble ourselves. As a reminder that we are human beings.


Fire is its own power, the energy that enables us to do something better. The point is to perfect what we have got from the earth to become better.


Wind is the essence of life, without wind or air we will not be able to survive. In addition, the wind is also. In addition the wind is a symbol of speed, as a reminder of the existence of a natural law that if violated will give birth to disaster.


Water is a symbol of intellectuality. Because Tirta Mahapawitra is what the Bimasena is looking for, then really, water is a living resource, because intellect is itself a living resource. It is the intellect that forges, forms, and processes a person to find his identity as a source of life.

While the meaning of color used in poleng motif is as follows.
Black, is a symbol of strength. The owner of the power always has a character, mighty, irritable and offended, and characterized. If left, it will block the act of preference.
Red means the accuser’s habits, his heart is warm, and always invites strife. If left, it will cover alertness.
Yellow, as a symbol of lust. It’s not just sexuality in terms of sexuality, but also in terms of ownership of property, position, and power.
White, leading to holy life. Understand in the spirit of spirituality and able to receive the knowledge of ma’rifat from the Creator of Life

It is very spacious when it is further elaborated on the philosophy of a batik cloth worn by Raden Werkudara. The point of all is to be a wise and wise person, to understand the life and purpose of life that is being lived. Be a person who always remembered with the Almighty, exercise goodness and keep away from the ban.

The knowledgeable person who does not remember the Illahi eats all his knowledge. Because he prioritizes his knowledge rather than his closeness to God. When a human has given up his heart only to the Creator then if it is not needed. By God he is positioned above all positions. If God needs it, he will be deployed into society, with love, honor, and happiness.

Many people have invested heavily in motivation without knowing what their purpose in life is. As a result, it is not the happiness that is encountered but rather the increasingly dire stress of life. If there is a great success, it is not a success that makes happiness, but makes life meaningless, his life always jumps from the crisis of happiness to the next happiness crisis. So humans need to have fashion that can be used as a guide in life, as used by the Werkudara, namely cloth or dodot poleng. If the cloth has four colors: black, red, yellow, and white, then in the embodiment of batik cloth becomes only colored 2, it black and white, or dark brown and white. This is a symbol that batik cloth as the book of life seeks to simplify the embodiment in order to be easily understood by the wearer.

All our attitudes and attitudes are propped up and at the same time reserved for: hambeg adil paramaarta – berbudi bawa laksana, mangasah mingising budi, mamasuh malaning bumi – mamayu hayuning bawana, by continually increasing our spirituality knowledge so that knowledge is as bright as full moon to give enlightenment to a fellow human being in the frame of affection, honor, and wisdom.

Batik Bang Bintulu Batik cloth is just one of the valuable lessons that in our lives much to learn, not only worldly knowledge but also spiritual knowledge as a provision for a more enduring life someday.
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