Batik Priangan, The Kingdom Art of Tarumanegara

In general, Priangan batik refers to the identity of batik works that developed in the region of Priangan, West Java, and Banten. This clump of batik is characterized by a rich ornamental pattern, which is inspired by historical events, flora-fauna, and socio-cultural values. The bright colors, tend to light the jet.

Tarumanegara Kingdom in West Java is considered one of the oldest kingdoms in Indonesia. The name of the kingdom was taken from the name of the shrubs that produce indigo blue, the tarum tree.

Because Priangan batik since the early use of indigo color, then allegedly batik already exist at that time, which is about 1,000 years ago. Batik origin Tasikmalaya generally have a strong character and different from the batik from Central Java. Batik Tasikmalaya more use a bright color, like red, green, and blue. Tasikmalaya batik motif has three famous motifs of the Department of Tourism and Culture of West Java Province, Batik Sukapura, Batik Sawoan, and Batik Tasik.
Many batik Tasikmalaya, such as akar, antanan, balimbing, guci latar batu, lancah tasik, sente, rereng daun, peuteuy papangkah, tsunami udey, gunung kawi, kadaka, lamban samping, lancah sawat ungu, rereng orlet, rereng sintung, manuk rereng peutey selong, manuk latar sisik, merak latar haremis, parang, sidomukti payung, sisit naga, taleus sukaraja, dan turih wajit.

A unique technique of batik is practiced the language in the beginning of the 20th century. For a traditional ceremony called “simbut”, a special woven fabric that is given motif. Part  the fabric that would be kept white, closed dough thick glutinous rice and sugar water. Thick dough is etched into the fabric with a bamboo or fingers to form a motive – a motive. This process is called “nulisbatiB”.

After the incision dry, liquid natural dyes red or blue is applied to the surface of the fabric. Once the crust dough is scraped, there was a motive in white cloth that tradition also used as a dowry.

The West Java Batik concentrated in some places up to now still respected as the center of batik enthusiasts is Garut, Tasikmalaya, Gan, Indramayu and Cirebon.

Motive that has become a hallmark of the Priangan artisans among others: Merak Ngibing, Merak Menari, Mojang Geulis, Kutaraja, Doblang, Buluhayam Jagad, Curat Manggu, Lereng Tuding, Limar Isen, Sidang Belut, dan Pegatmaru.

Salam Indonesian Batik


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