Indonesian Classical Batik Udan Liris, History And Meaning

Classical Indonesian Batik Pattern Udan Liris

Batik motif udan liris is also interpreted drizzling rain or spatter rain, is a symbol of fertility, welfare, and mercy from God. To add to the beauty of this motif is usually among the lines are decorated with fire motifs, which means supernatural and ambition. Half kawung motifs describe something useful. The motif of the banji sawat, symbolizes happiness and fertility. Motif mlinjon, symbolizes one element of life. Tritis motif, symbolizes the persistence of the heart. The motive exists, symbolizes the mighty. The motif for the vultures, symbolizes the continuity.

For the Javanese, especially the villagers, when the spatter rain is an atmosphere different from the usual. Residents take advantage of this moment for family gatherings, neighbors, talking about life. Every time there is something new gathering that is initiative, and so forth.

In Yogyakarta and Surakarta palace, batik once belonged to batik ban. These motifs include those only permitted by the royal family. But with the passage of time, this motif can be used by anyone. Batik motif udan liris created on the event at the time Pakubuwono III underwent Teteki Latihan, also called the worship of the dead body. One of them by undergoing kungkum or bathing in the river Premulung. The river is in the village Laweyan and the river flows near the grave of his ancestor is Kyai Ageng Henis. At that moment suddenly drizzling rain and wind blowing, this atmosphere that inspired Pakubuwono create batik motif udan lyrical. The Udan Liris motif was created in the mid-eighteenth century.

The Udan Liris Pattern contains the meaning of fortitude and must endure a life of concern despite the rain and heat. People who married, especially the newlyweds, must be brave and willing to live concerned when many obstacles and trials. Proverbial rain and heat, should not easily complain. All obstacles and obstacles that must be faced and resolved together.

This Udan Liris pattern had given by UNESCO for the intagible heritage in 2009.

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