Indonesia, The Country of Batik Cultures

Batik. One of Indonesian native tradition. According to history, Indonesian batik already exist in Kingdom of Majaphit. And being popular at the end of  XVIII century. Batik is from Javanese language which is ”tik” that mean dot or “matik” which mean making dot, then it called Batik, because they paint the motive on the cloth. And that mean batik is drawing dot and line in white cloth made using this technique originated in Indonesia. I don’t know why they make that hard just to get clothes..hahaha

Even the tradition of making Batik is found in various country, the Batik of Indonesia is the best known. In about 13th century the carving details of  clothes worn by East Javanese Prajnaparamita statues show intricate floral pattern within rounded margin. And by the 12th century in East Java according to G.P Rouffaer reported that the delicate pattern could only be created by the tools using “Canting”. Canting is ecthing tools that holds a small reservoir of hot wax for making the pattern in the cloth. This evidence suggest that inticate batik pattern applied with Canting existed in about 13th century or even earlier.

And the history described that in 1817 the British Goovenoor Thomas Stamford Raffles  the technique was described in the book History of Java. And in the 1873 the Dutch merchant called Van Rijckevorsel gave the pieces he collected during a trip to Indonesian.

I’m sure that young generation boy or girls now didn’t even know what is Canting. Yeah probably most of them still playing their phone. Is there any app to make batik?

Batik itself previously only made by the woman some palace or kingdom. Just like in Surakarta Palace and Yogyakarta Palace. Each palace have different pattern of batik that show the social status. They design their own pattern and used in daily or wedding ceremony. But now, anyone can make batik and found way to make Batik easier to make. Like “batik cap” with use some pattern that already designed on iron and then press it to the cloth to get pattern fast.

So, now in 21st century Batik still existed in Indonesia especially Java Island. Not only Java, any of the Indonesian Island have a different pattern or different Batik that comes from their ancestor. Java Islands have a various name of pattern like Sido Mukti, Mega Mendung, Parang, Sogan, Kawung, etc. In Java different city have their special pattern. Go to here for different styles of Batik in Java.

Since 2 October 2009, because of diverse patterns influenced by a variety of cultures, and is the most developed in terms of pattern, technique, and the quality of workmanship  UNESCO designated Indonesian batik as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Yaaayyyy..!!!

Proud and excited that one of our favourite things now has world known. But I have to get some dissapointment  because a lot of our generation in Indonesia didn’t have any desire to make Batik. Most of them but not for all. And we appreciated so much that world give attention to culture and tradition in Indonesia especially and other world tradition. I hope we can give something that may be useful for the beauty of classical tradition and take care of them until the generation after and after.

Enjoy your visit in Indonesian Batik, grab some batik here to give donation to one of the beautiful culture. Or you can go here, and we will give you free visit how to make Batik directly from Indonesia.

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Indonesian Batik

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  1. Many Indonesian batik patterns are symbolic. Infants are carried in batik slings decorated with symbols designed to bring the child luck, and certain batik designs are reserved for brides and bridegrooms, as well as their families.

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